At SBT, we think that enjoying great tasting craft beer is a must but drinking alcohol should be a choice. Sometimes the best moments in life call for a beer, but not the buzz.

When we make NA beer at SBT, our reference point is the best tasting beer on the market, at any ABV.

Demand is rapidly increasing in the U.S. for no/low alcohol (and calorie) beers. To-date, it’s been scientifically impossible to make truly good craft N/A beer in a variety of styles. Traditionally used approaches (vacuum distillation, reverse osmosis, and arrested fermentation) all have significant limitations. BrewVo NA delivers huge gains for brewers in this largely untapped market opportunity.

In addition to a full range of traditional beers, BrewVo NA enables production of non-alcoholic beers of unprecedented quality. The BrewVo NA process gently manages alcohol content, while maintaining flavor and aroma. The beer fully ferments after all processing takes place.

Award Winning

With BrewVo NA you have the opportunity to produce best in class, award winning NA beers. Beers made with BrewVo have already won numerous awards at national and international competitions.

  • Non-Alcoholic Beer Category

    2022 World Beer Cup
    Gold and Silver Medals

  • Non-Alcoholic Beers

    Best of Craft Beer Awards USA
    2 Gold Medals

  • NA Stout and Porter Category

    2021 World Beer Awards Country Winner

  • NA Stout and Porter Category

    2021 US Open Beer Competition
    Silver Medal

  • NA Section Bronze Medal

    2021 Australian Intl. Beer Awards
    Bronze Medal

  • Non-Alcoholic Beers

    Best of Craft Beer Awards USA
    1 Bronze Medal

BrewVo Beer Technology

Access New Markets

Non-alcoholic beer is the fastest growing segment in the industry. BrewVo provides the opportunity to bring market-winning products to this category.

Expand Consumption

Create best-in-class non-alcoholic analogues of your existing beers to expand consumption opportunities for your loyal customers.