At SBT There Are No Boring Days!

We’re excited by the prospect of starting a cultural shift — one that celebrates the role that science plays in the lives of everyday people.

Our Team

Our team is a bright, quirky, diverse group. We’re optimists by nature and tinkerers by trade.

Why Work Here

We’re working on things that haven’t been done before. We love nature, good food and drink. We have very competitive benefits.

We’re based in (the sunny part of) Golden, Colorado. In a town full of companies that sell prospective hires on happy hours and ping pong tables, here’s what we are uniquely able to offer:

A small, collaborative team. We don’t believe in hierarchy for hierarchy’s sake.

Really, really, smart, friendly colleagues.

Actual autonomy and agency. We choose empowerment over micromanagement.

A team that values EQ as much as IQ.

A team that values hard work but believes in the importance of self-care and taking meaningful breaks.

An environment that encourages empathetic debate. We don’t have any issues with being wrong.

Opinions are actively sought out and valued.

An environment where we not only acknowledge the hard work and successes of our teammates, but also celebrate them.

An environment where we care about the environment! And we are determined to make a real difference.