We’re passionate about brewing, efficiency, and sustainability.

In 2010, our founder, Patrick, wanted to bring beer on his backcountry trip to Canyonlands National Park. It was simply too bulky to justify lugging along. Patrick thought, “Isn’t beer 95% water?  If there were beer concentrate, we could easily carry it, and just add filtered water from the river.”  His quest to produce concentrated beer began.  Patrick had years of experience in chemistry, engineering, and brewing beer, so he set off to build our company, Sustainable Beverage Technologies.

It quickly became clear that the best and broadest application of beer concentrate was in the beer industry at large.  The soda industry has canning and bottling operations locally to minimize the distance it ships full-volume product, and tap systems that blend filtered local water with concentrate.  Imagine the costs of shipping kegs of full-volume Coke.

The beer industry brews to full volume and ships product as far as it profitably can in the face of rapidly-increasing freight costs, then pays to ship the empty kegs back.  Unfortunately, brewing beer into concentrate is scientifically difficult to do.  Unlike soda concentrate which is flavored sugar syrup, the beer process includes more steps and ingredients: fermentation, alcohol, hops, grain, malt, barley, etc.

Approaching the challenge from a different angle, Patrick and the Sustainable Beverage Technologies team created a process to brew at 1/6th the volume of traditional beer.

We’ve spent years honing the process to make it easy for brewers to use, garnering accolades from craft brewers, patenting our technologies and processes, aligning with entities across the industry value chain, and building a world-class team in Denver, CO.

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