NexDraft® is SBT’s revolutionary new tap system which eliminates kegs. NexDraft® technology mixes Multi-Brewed® Beer, in bag-in-box(“BiB”) packaging, with carbonated water and alcohol in real time to deliver classic craft beer taste and aroma. NexDraft® provides unparalleled advantages.

Eliminate Kegs

Disposable bag-in-boxes eliminate hassle, storage, and refrigeration and reverse logistics of bulky kegs.

Distribution Cost Savings

The equivalent consumable volume of beer is shipped at approximately ⅙ of the weight and volume of traditional kegs, which equates to reduced truck journeys and therefore cost.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Fewer truck trips, including the elimination of return keg logistics, significantly reduces fuel consumption.

Reduced Water Usage

Eliminating keg washing reduces water consumption.

Increased draft beer availability

The smaller footprint of NexDraft® and MBB compared to traditional kegs allows draft beer without the need for a keg room, or offer more options in a smaller footprint.

Expand Consumer Offer

The same beer can be poured at different ABV levels – from non-alcoholic to full-strength – providing greater variety of consumer choice.

Extend Product Shelf Life

BiBs may be frozen for up to a year before use.

Utilize existing infrastructure

Ability to connect NexDraft® system into existing tap setup (hybrid model) for limited capital cost.

Market Expansion

Ability to transport BiBs in frozen format allows for transport over extended distances/across countries with significantly lower costs, while still pouring brewery-fresh draft beer.


BrewVo is SBT’s patented brewing process that enables production and distribution of beer at 1/6th the traditional weight and volume, while drastically increasing capacity. Integrating easily with standard brewing equipment, BrewVo produces Multi-Brewed beer which, when blended with water and alcohol, yields beer indistinguishable to traditionally-produced. BrewVo is industry-validated and generates massive impact and value for brewers, distributors, and retailers.

Hub and Spoke Model

Produce Multi-Brew beer at one location and ship to breweries closer to target markets where it can be reconstituted and canned. Improve market economics and open up new markets profitably.

Lower Shipping Costs

86% less weight and volume allows delivery of more beer over longer distances.

Eliminate Kegs

Pour draft beer directly from MBB using SBT’s proprietary NexDraft® system (see details below). Disposable bag-in-box packaging eliminates the need for kegs.

Claim More Tap Handles

On premise accounts expand variety of draft options with Multi-Brewed Beer in a significantly smaller footprint.

Extend Shelf Life

Multi-Brewed beer’s greater density and freeze-ability significantly prolong shelf life, with MBB beer more than 1 year old successfully poured on tap.