SBT Wins Gold Medal at Best of Craft Beer Awards

SBT was awarded a Best of Craft Beer Awards gold medal using BrewVo technology to make an NA beer that beat all of the session-strength beers!

Though the idea of beer concentrates might sound startling to connoisseurs, a similar process has long been used to transport soda in syrup form. But beer is of course a more complex beverage with a lot of culture tied to it, from specialty magazines to major international competitions. So brewers have to prove that beers made from concentrates can taste as good as standard ones. To get started on this, nonalcoholic beer brewed with BrewVo technology was entered into the 2019 Best of Craft Beer Awards competition. Pitted against well-regarded session IPAs, the beer won gold—beating out entries from some established craft breweries.

Deschutes Brewery’s nonalcoholic Irish Style Dark, also produced using a BrewVo machine, won bronze at the Australian International Beer Competition. Both winning entries had been turned into concentrates through BrewVo’s technology before being blended, finished and served to judges.

“The beers that they’re putting out are the best I’ve tasted,” says Steve Indrehus, who owns the Colorado-based Tommyknocker Brewery and is using BrewVo to craft both full-strength and nonalcoholic versions of some of his products under a separate label.

About Sustainable Beverage Technologies

Sustainable Beverage Technologies (“SBT”) is revolutionizing the craft beer industry, unlocking unprecedented efficiencies in brewing, distribution, and draft. SBT has two proprietary technologies designed to generate value from production to consumption: BrewVo and NexDraft.

Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, SBT is a growth-oriented company focused on re-imagining the beer marketspace through revolutionary technological innovations. SBT is focused on delivering superior quality products and processes that are highly profitable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Through partnerships with high-quality craft breweries and beer distributors, SBT strives to transform the beer market. Since the company’s founding in 2010, SBT has introduced patented breakthrough technologies and processes that support the industry value chain, while building a world-class team.

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