If you’ve seen our logo on the label of a high-quality craft beer, that means it has been brewed using our revolutionary BrewVo® brewing process, which ensures this is a product that you will enjoy.

BrewVo Beer Technology

Great Partners Bring Great Possibility

SBT has partnered with high-quality breweries to transform the market. We share their passion for brewing great beer responsibly, and together we’re revolutionizing the industry with our entirely new approach to brewing and sustainability.

Making Best in Class Award Winning Beers for you to Enjoy

SBT partners with high-quality breweries to make the best tasting beer on the market, at any ABV. In the past year alone, our beers won both Gold and Silver medals at the World Beer Cup, 2 Gold medals from the Best of Craft Beer Awards, and a silver medal from the Australian Intl. Beer Awards, to name a few.

When we make NA beer at SBT, our reference point is the best tasting beer on the market, at any ABV.

Our patented BrewVo® process gently manages alcohol content, while maintaining flavor and aroma.  As a result, brewers can make best-in-class, fully fermented, great-tasting non-alcoholic beer, in any style, without compromise.

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