BrewVoTM unlocks unprecedented efficiencies in brewing, distribution, and draft

BrewVoTM is Sustainable Beverage Technologies' patented brewing process that enables production and distribution of beer at 1/6th the traditional weight and volume, while drastically increasing capacity. Integrating easily with standard brewing equipment, BrewVo produces Multi-BrewedTM beer which, when blended with water and alcohol, yields beer identical to traditionally-produced. BrewVo is industry-validated and generates massive impact and value for brewers, distributors, and retailers.

Produce more and slash shipping costs

Transform on-premise draft programs

Unlock supply chain efficiencies

Non-alcoholic beer held to traditional beer quality standards


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No Keg Room Required

Increase draft beer selection 6x

Because BrewVo is brewed at a 6X density, it takes up far less space than a traditional keg. Its rectangular packaging stacks conveniently, and eliminates the need for dedicated keg room infrastructure.

Water, Malt, Yeast, Hops

Same Ingredients - Breakthrough Brewing Process

Our patented BrewVo technology allows brewers to use all the same ingredients that traditionally go into their recipes. BrewVo is about process. Not ingredients.

Eliminate Kegs

Using our patented BrewVo technology, BrewVo beers are brewed at a 1:6 density, and packaged into a BIB (Beer In Bag). A 2.5 gallon BIB of BrewVo is equivalent to a 15 gallon keg. No need to futz with shipping, storing, and managing clunky kegs… full or empty!

While reducing energy and water usage

Increased Production Capacity

Because our patented BrewVo process substantially reduces the lag-phase and conditioning phases of the brewing process, brewers are able to brew up to 300% more beer using their existing brew-house and fermenter configuration. All this while reducing energy by up to 43% and water usage by up to 87%.

Lower Your Environmental Impact

87% Reduction in shipping costs

Because BrewVo is shipped at a 1:6 density and uses light weight rectangular packaging solutions rather than heavy cylindrical kegs, we’re able to help reduce shipping costs and environmental impact of shipping by 87%. Plus, there are no empty kegs to ship back!