Imagine a world where your shipping and storage costs are reduced by 87%, your logistics are massively simplified, work place injuries and workplace injuries are reduced, your draft beer sales skyrocket, you receive real-time account inventory levels, and your market grows by leaps and bounds. Stop imagining and take a look at how BrewVo is doing this for distributors like you, all around the world right now.
With BrewVo a 1/2 BBL keg is replaced with a 2.5 gallon BIB (Beer-In-Bag). It weighs 87% less than a keg and is packaged into a box. It’s a recyclable system, so you don’t have empty kegs to deal with afterwards.

The Stats

Over 87% reduction in shipping costs
Over 87% reduction in keg storage (both full and empty)
No annual keg audits
Internet accessed real-time inventory levels for your accounts (automatically alerting you when they need a delivery)
Dramatically simplified logistics
87% less import tax (on import beers)

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