BrewVo® is our patented technology used for producing a 6X Multi-Brewed Beer.
Brewing a Multi-Brewed beer with BrewVo® means you benefit from massive reductions in energy consumption and water usage, while significantly increasing your production capacity. Using the exact same brewing ingredients, the finished beer quality remains consistent to the brewers recipe and quality standards. BrewVo® Systems are designed to work with existing breweries, and typically do not require any modifications to the brew house or fermenters.
Packaging operations are crazy simple. No bright tank or keg filling equipment is necessary. Beer is packaged directly from Fermenters into BIBs (Beer-In-Bag), using either a semi-automated or fully automated filling system.
The BIBs integrate seamlessly with a range of new BrewVo dispensing systems, and are 87% smaller and lighter than kegs. Bars and restaurants with limited keg infrastructure can finally expand their selection draft beers.
Get ready to reduce operational costs, increase your production capacity, expand your market, and grow your bottom line.

The Stats

Up to 83% reduction in water usage
Up to 34% reduction in energy (combined thermal and electrical)
Quickly grow your number of tap handles
Up to 200% increase in production capacity
Simplified operations (especially packaging)
87% reduction in finished beer shipping costs (and equivalent reduction in environmental impact)
Massive new market opportunities
83% less import tax imposed on your exports
Environmental Integrity & Sustainability

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