What is BrewVo™?

BrewVo™ is our patented technology used for producing a beer with six times the flavor density of a traditionally produced beer. We call this beer Multi-Brewed Beer (“MBB”).


How does Multi-Brewed Beer compare to traditional beer?  

Our patented BrewVo™ technology allows brewers to use all the same ingredients that go in to their proprietary recipes.  BrewVo™ enhances the brewing process but does not affect the ingredients used in the process. The finished beer quality remains consistent to the brewer’s recipe and high-quality standards. In fact, using the BrewVo™ process, we created a beer that won a gold medal at the 2019 Best of Craft Beer Awards!


Is Multi-Brewed-Beer “concentrated beer”?

No. MBB is not made as a concentrate. It is brewed, fermented, and cellared in the same process as traditional beer. It’s ABV (Alcohol by Volume) is in line with traditionally produced beers. It just has 6 times the flavor density.


Can BrewVo™ work at my brewery?

Yes!  We can configure, construct, install and support turnkey BrewVo™ systems for breweries of all sizes.  No modifications to primary brewery infrastructure is required.


What styles of beers can BrewVo™ produce?

We haven’t found a style that we can’t produce yet, so any style! What’s your favorite!?


What is the shelf life of MBB?

Multi-Brewed Beer can be frozen in the appropriate packaging, extending the shelf life of the product to over 1 year. When not frozen, MBB has an industry standard refrigerated shelf life of approximately three months.


Is the BrewVo™ technology only used for beer?

At this time, BrewVo™ is only being used to brew quality, award-winning beer, but stay tuned for new developments!


Does the BrewVo™ technology produce draft beer only or can the beer be canned/bottled?  

BrewVo™ technology is not just a draft beer disrupter.  BrewVo™ fundamentally changes the landscape of how beer is shipped around the world.  By shipping Multi-Brewed Beer to partnered canning/bottling facilities in locations around the country and the globe, the beer can be packaged at regular strength into cans/bottles at the point closest to your desired distribution targets.


How much does BrewVo™ cost?

We will work with you to select the required capacity and configuration of the BrewVo™ unit based upon your designated brewing equipment and production beer volumes.  BrewVo™ technology is made available to brewers through licensing agreements. The actual costs will be dependent upon expected scale of operations and the scope of the licensing agreement.


How do I get involved?

Please contact us for additional information through our website.  We look forward to hearing from you!