NexDraftTM Tap System
  • Same look and feel as a traditional tap systems
  • Mixes Multi-Brewed beer (packaged in bag-in-box) with water, CO2, and alcohol to deliver a classic craft beer
Multi-Brewed BeerTM
  • 6 beers squeezed in to one
  • Utilizing BrewVo allows the brewer to layer multiple brew cycles into the same beer
Eliminate Kegs

Disposable bag-in-boxes eliminate hassle, storage, and refrigeration of bulky kegs.

Expand Draft Selection

Offer up to 6x more beers without updating facility or expanding bar footprint.

Reduce Maintenance

NexDraft eliminates 3rd-party tap-servicing costs and hassle, and tap downtime.

Improve Margins

Greater draft selection increases % of volume sold that is higher-margin draft.

Reduce Beer Waste

Extended shelf life and reduced loss due to foam (vs. kegs) decreases waste and spoilage.

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