What is BrewVo?

BrewVoTM is a brewing process that produces Multi-BrewedTM beer with six times the ingredient and flavor density of traditionally-produced beer. As Multi-Brewed beer is 1/6th the volume, it can be shipped and stored inexpensively and blended to full volume at or near point of sale. Taste-tested and industry-validated, the beer produced is identical to traditionally-brewed beers.

Brewing with BrewVo

BrewVo systems are small and portable and can be deployed in breweries of all sizes and layouts. No modifications to existing brewery infrastructure are required. Training brewing staff on procedures and beer development is straightforward.

Triple Production

Increase capacity and flexibility and reduce CapEx, using the same brewing setup.

Reduce Water Usage

Avoid the impact of water restrictions by cutting brewery usage by up to 80%.

Lower Shipping Costs

86% less weight and volume allows delivery of more beer over longer distances.

Eliminate Kegs

Disposable bag-in-boxes eliminate need for storage, shipment and refrigeration of bulky kegs.

Claim More Tap Handles

On-premise accounts expand variety of draft options with Multi-Brewed Beer.

Extend Shelf Life

Multi-Brewed beer’s greater density and freeze-ability significantly prolong shelf life.


Reduce Production Costs

3x brewing yield and other efficiencies reduce costs dramatically.

Deploy Easily

Equipment and process are low-cost and simple to integrate with standard brewing equipment.

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